“We need to reclaim our community spaces. We need more places like Comics Youth, Homotopia, Sahir House, GYRO - just to name a few. We need more spaces where we can meet up, generate ideas, skill share and just exist as people... So many of our spaces are focused on drinking alcohol, which is fine, but there are many ways to do things and many ways that Queer people exist”
- MATTY (They/Them)

Collage celebrating Comics Youth. Source Images Courtesy Comics Youth.

Comics Youth is a creative community that empowers marginalised youth groups to use their voices through the captivating world of comics. Fueled by creativity and a passion for storytelling, Comics Youth provides a platform for young minds to express themselves, share their unique perspectives, and connect with others.

From zine creation and comic book workshops to youth-led publishing hubs and social campaigns, Comics Youth has supported LGBTQ+ and other marginalised youth groups though fun, engaging and safe spaces - all led by the young people themselves.

You can check out their beautiful comics and all their projects and resources at:
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