A Collage celebrating an Eat Me Cabaret.

High camp, glitz and glamour, Eat Me is a monthly Drag Dinner Cabaret Disco that is a staple feature of Liverpool’s alternative queer scene. Birthed in March 2017 by Brendan Curtis (aka Auntie Climax) out of a desire to create a radical, diverse, and unapologetically queer community for performers and participants alike. Showcasing a plethora of multidisciplinary performances that encompass the crafts of comedy, lip-syncing, singing, dance, poetry, and burlesque (to name a few). An Eat Me cabaret is always punchy, playful, poignant, political, and provocative.

Eat Me boasts a high calibre alumni of talent from Liverpool and beyond, with regulars that include Pretentious Dross, Dan Chan, Thicc Van Dyke, Babs Darling, Gently Bently, Felix Mufti, Baba Yagga, The Bolly Witch, Midgitte Bardot and many many more.
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