The FACT’s gallery consists of curated exhibitions, many of which explore various facets of the LGBTQ+ experience, showcasing the many struggles and triumphs of our community.

In 2018, Kevin Gaffney presented his work ‘Far From the Reach of the Sun’. A film which reflects on damaging conversion therapies, as well as the church and medical industry’s history of interfering with the lives of LGBTQ+ people. Gaffney incorporates archived footage of a gay and lesbian run church, located in Manchester, in the 1990s. His work portrays the isolating experiences that queer people face in their relationships, both with themselves and others.

Beyond the artistic realm, FACT actively engages with the local LGBTQ+ community through various events and initiatives. From panel discussions on queer issues to collaborative projects with LGBT organisations, the venue has become a hub for dialogue and support. Providing a safe space for the community to meet, FACT  fosters connections, understanding, and a sense of belonging.
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