“Jody’s was just brilliant, dead friendly and always chocka! The music was high energy - this is when house music started creeping in. Jody’s was one of the first to play house music and it stayed open late. It changed everything.”
Outside Jody’s, 27 Stanley Street. Revisited Today through Memories and Archival Photographs.
Jody’s, at 27 Stanley Street, was one of the city’s first gay clubs, spread across two floors, each disco bar playing a different type of music. Open until 2am, it was the first gay club to stay open this late, completely transforming Liverpool’s scene. It is often remembered for its iconic music, vibrant atmosphere, UV lights and ‘vile’ sticky floors. Standing as “Liverpool’s version of Studio 54”, you could often find stars like Grace Jones, Holly Johnson and Sharon Redd - to name a few - partying here after their local shows.
Many gay men reflect on their first time entering Jody’s, highlighting the significance of the entrance. Down the dimly-lit Stanley Street, this bar’s glow would illuminate the street and they would often walk back and forth until they built up the courage to enter. A cloud of sweat, smoke and poppers is often described as you walk down the steep stairs into the basement. For many, once the club closed at 2am, the party would spill out onto Stanley Street as there was nowhere else for them to go.

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